Slotted Array Antennas: Your Guide to the Top Benefits

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August 22, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Do you know about the top benefits of slot antennas?

Wondering if a slotted array antenna is right for your project?

While there are many types of antennas available, slotted array antennas often make a great choice for projects that need both simplicity and flexibility.

Slot antennas typically have a flat plate metal surface that also has at least one hole or slot in it. When a driving frequency drives the plate, a slot antenna will radiate electromagnetic waves in a radiation pattern that is almost identical to a typical dipole antenna.

These antennas offer several key advantages over other antenna types due to their unique designs and efficient functionality. There are several good reasons why you may choose to use a slotted array antenna for a project. 

Below we’ll help you understand the top benefits and advantages of using a slotted array antenna.

1. They’re More Covert

One of the top benefits of slotted array antennas is that their design offers more flexibility, and because of this, they can work great for covert applications.

The transmitter of a slot antenna can be very small and can easily be created to specifications for use in smaller devices. They can easily be concealed inside of metallic objects. This also means an antenna could be fitted into a fake air vent or another object that doesn’t draw too much attention. 

A slotted array antenna could also be designed to fit perfectly onto the surface of an object such as on the siding of an aircraft. Because of this, slotted array antennas work great for military and defense applications.

Slot antennas are incredibly flexible, and because of this, they can make the perfect choice for covert needs of all shapes and sizes.

2. Mass Production is Easier

Another benefit of slotted array antennas is that they are much easier to produce on a massive scale than other types of antennas.

With the use of any technology, slotted array antennas can be mass produced to desired specifications without much difficulty using either PC board or waveguide technology. This can be incredibly convenient for projects in which multiple antennas need to be designed exactly to the same specifications.

The ease and convenience of slot antenna mass production make one the best selling points of these antennas.

3. They’re Simpler

The true beauty of slotted array antennas lies in their utter simplicity. Compared to other types of antennas the build of slot antennas is a lot simpler. However, they still work extremely effectively and have great functionality.

When the slot of the antenna is widened, the antenna becomes essentially the same as a thicker dipole. This will effectively increase the bandwidth of the antenna in a very simple and easy way, working in both UHF and SHF frequency ranges. 

4. Can Transmit High Power Levels

One of the top benefits of slotted array antennas is that they have the capability of transmitting at very high power levels. With slot antennas, less current is required for a chosen power output than is typically required with a dipole antenna.

Because of this, these antennas have become incredibly well regarded as a choice for applications that require a lot of strength and functionality. This includes extensive use in weather radars and navigation systems. 

5. Lower Wind Load

When designing an antenna or structure, it’s important to take wind load into consideration. While other types of antennas have a high wind load, slotted antennas are different.

Because of their design, they have low wind load and this can be incredibly beneficial for certain applications. When it comes to antennas that need to be located outdoors or on an aircraft a slot antenna makes for a highly functional and wise choice.

The lower wind load of slotted array antennas make a huge difference and should be taken into consideration if you’re wondering if these antennas are the right choice for you.

6. They’re Omni-Directional

Another reason that many opt for slotted array antennas is that their radiation patterns are more or less omnidirectional. Slot antennas feature an identical radiation pattern to a half-wave dipole antenna.

For projects that require the use of an omnidirectional radiation pattern, slot antennas can be a good choice that can offer a lot of flexibility and simplicity. These antennas have a high level of horizontal polarization and a minimal level of vertical radiation. Slot antennas will transmit in all directions and can function well in a variety of applications as a result.

7. Size Matters

One of the best things about slot antennas is that they can be smaller than other types of antennas while putting out just as much power. An antenna of the same size as a slotted array antenna won’t be able to compete with its efficiency and strength. For certain applications, this can be a very helpful benefit.

Radar dishes that are located in the nose cone of an airplane, for example, can benefit from slotted array antennas because even a few inches saved can make all the difference and can greatly affect the aerodynamics of the aircraft.

When the size of an antenna is an issue, a slotted array antenna may just be a great choice to consider.

Choosing a Slotted Array Antenna For Your Project

By now you should be starting to get an idea of why slotted array antennas can be so beneficial. Depending on your needs, slot antennas may be the perfect choice for your project design and may just make all the difference. Be sure to consider the benefits above if you’re wondering if a slotted array antenna is right for your unique needs.

Ready to get the perfect custom array antenna? Contact us today to learn more about how Rantec Antennas can help meet your needs.

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