Dip Braze

About Dip Braze

The dip brazing process allows simultaneous joining of aluminum components with varying material thickness. Dip brazed joints are very strong, leak-tight and electrically conductive.


  • Excellent alternative to expensive hog-outs or castings
  • Wide range of design options and superior results at low cost
  • Thin gauge aluminum to complex assemblies can be brazed

Rantec is exceptionally adept and proficient with the salt bath dip brazing method for the process of joining precise aluminum alloy components. We take pride in maintaining the tight process controls necessary to ensure that intricate and delicate microwave antenna assemblies requiring dip brazing are manufactured to specification. The requirements of AWS C3.7, Grade C (previously MILB-7883, Type V, Grade B) are met at Rantec and quality programs are maintained to ensure consistent and reliable service performance.

Rantec’s brazing facilities include a 48 x 48 x 40 in. braze tank, dual preheat ovens, aging ovens and a humidity chamber. A wet lab area contains all chemical process activities, which include anti-corrosion chem. film applications appropriate to aluminum dip brazed assemblies.

Contact Jim Soper for more information and quotations at 818-223-5033 or at jsoper@rantecantennas.com

AWS C3.7, Grade C Compliant Dip Brazing Services