7 Key Advantages and Reasons to Go Custom when Buying Antennas

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If you’re in need of an antenna for a commercial or military application, one important decision you’ll need to make is whether you’ll use an off-the-shelf antenna or go custom. While off-the-shelf antennas have their uses, a custom-designed antenna will often be the better choice. Custom antennas will offer a lot of advantages for a project.

If you don’t yet understand the benefits of custom antennas, however, you may not be ready to make your final decision.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll tell you about the 7 top benefits and advantages of going custom when buying antennas.

1. They Offer Superior Performance

One of the top benefits of buying custom antennas is that they will offer superior performance for your application.

A custom antenna will be designed to fit an enclosure’s design while also meeting important device requirements and specifications. This will help ensure that there are no frequency interruptions and that the antenna will be tuned perfectly to any materials that are surrounding it.

Selecting the perfect antenna is a crucial part of the design process and an antenna that is customized to fit the enclosure, as well as specific functions, will perform better. An off-the-shelf antenna won’t be built for a specific project’s needs, and as a result, won’t perform nearly as well.

2. They Have the Ideal Amount of Features

Another great thing about going custom when purchasing antennas is that you’ll be able to get your specific needs met exactly.

Off-the-shelf antennas will sometimes be lacking in features and you may have to buy add-ons or modifications to your antenna. On the other hand, some antenna will have more features than you realistically need for your project.

While off-the-shelf antennas can be hit or miss, custom antennas will be created for your exact purpose and application. This means you won’t have to deal with a lot of tweaks or add-on purchases to get things just right.

3. Flexible Multi-Band Capabilities

One important benefit of going custom when buying antennas is that custom antennas will give you more flexibility. You’ll be able to have multiple bands in one antenna. This can make things straightforward and easier to manage when building a device or using the antenna for a specific application.

For a device that needs to connect using many frequencies such as WiFi, LTE, and wireless LAN (WLAN), a custom antenna can provide a much better solution. Buying a custom antenna allows you to have all of this functionality in one place.

4. Meets Specific Mechanical Requirements

In addition to multi-band capabilities, customized antennas can also provide more when it comes to specific mechanical requirements.

If you have very specific needs for your device, then custom antennas make a great choice. They can allow you to better meet the needs of your device or application even if they are specialized in nature.

For example, if your antenna will be used in harsh weather or extreme temperature conditions it may require a special, more customized design. A custom antenna can be built to be resistant to environmental issues such as excessive heat, ice, wind load, or corrosion.

These specific mechanical requirements simply won’t be met if you buy an off-the-shelf antenna instead of a custom one.

5. Custom Antennas Are More Cost-Effective

If you’re looking to save on costs, then buying custom antennas also makes for the superior option. Because custom antennas will be built to your specific application, you’ll be able to get your needs for a project met in a much more efficient way.

As mentioned above, custom antennas won’t require changes and tweaks or include unnecessary features like an off-the-shelf antenna will. Especially for high volume product lines, a custom antenna will more efficiently get the job done.

Only the materials that are actually needed for a project will be used. As a result, you’ll save a lot of money when taking your project from start to finish.

6. You’ll Get Great Support

While this won’t be true of all custom antenna providers, some will give you an increased level of support. This support can be incredibly valuable for your project. Providers of custom antennas will work deeply with the purchaser during the development process to align your vision with the specifications of the antenna.

A great custom antenna company will be able to work closely with you throughout the design process. They’ll ensure that they build your antenna to the desired specifications exactly. This extended support can help greatly when building a device or a product and can help you reach a satisfying end result.

7. Extensive On-Site Testing

Another benefit of buying antennas from a custom antenna company is that they can provide extensive on-site testing. A great company will have impressive expertise and will be able to test and validate antenna functionality thoroughly.

An advanced on-site testing chamber will allow an antenna to be tested and will ensure performance requirements are being met. Testing will also help to ensure the antenna is meeting regulatory compliance.

While not every custom antenna company will provide extensive testing services, these testing services can be incredibly beneficial for completing your project. Be sure that you work with a company that provides advanced testing for their antennas if you decide to go custom with your project. 

Making the Choice to Go Custom When Choosing an Antenna

If you have very specific needs for your military or commercial project, it’s important to consider going custom when buying an antenna. When you go custom, you’ll have an antenna that is absolutely perfect for your needs and specifications. You’ll ensure that your project is completed with efficiency and accuracy.

Ready to buy a custom antenna? Contact us today to learn more about how Rantec Antennas can help you get the perfect antenna for your needs.

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