Antenna Refurbishment

Years of active deployment lead to many opportunities for handling and damaging of antennas during use and maintenance even by the best trained personnel. Dents, scratches, wear of radome film, are not unusual, but it of course, has its effects on the system performance. Field and depot repairs by maintenance personnel usually means quickly replacing the damaged antenna plate. Rantec has a solution for the damaged antennas. Send the damaged flat plate antennas to Rantec.

After decades of designing and manufacturing complex airborne antennas in X Band, Ku and Ka, Rantec has all the facilities and capabilities already in house to repair or replace slotted array waveguide antennas designed and built by other companies. Provide Rantec the antenna performance specifications and we will evaluate the antenna to offer options and price estimate for repairing and testing the antenna to like new conditions.