Precision Machining 101: Precision Machinery and its Advantages

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The market size for CNC machines is expected to grow annually by 7% from 2019-2025 globally. We live in a world run by machines. We want machines that are efficient and get the job done right the first time. 

You may know computer numerical control (CNC) machinery by another name, precision machinery. Below we will talk about what precision machining is and what benefits it can offer your company.

What Is Precision Machining?

Precision machining is used to craft tools, parts, and machines for many industries. It creates many of the small and large objects we use every day. It works by cutting a block or sheet of material into a desired shape/design. It is crucial in the manufacturing of Rantec antennas.

You can use precision machinery on many different kinds of materials. For example steel, bronze, glass, and plastic are but a few.

Below we will list some of the advantages of using precision machinery. 

Improved Production Speed

When you remove the human component, production can go much faster. Machines can create products much more quickly and accurately than humans can. You’ll have products finished before you can blink an eye. 

The machine is given blueprints which it interprets by using computer-animated drawings. These blueprints allow the machine to craft an exact copy of what you want to be created. 

On top of that, unlike humans, their speed will never slow down. When using machines, you don’t need to worry about fatigue. You’ll have a consistent amount of products being completed each day. This will give you a more sustainable company.

When you produce products at a faster rate, you’ll have an edge over your competitors. You’ll be able to offer your products more quickly. In this fast-paced world, you want every advantage you can get.

More Efficient Production

Using machines to craft your products allows your employees to use their skills. They can focus on more important tasks.

Your workers will put their skills to real use by operating more advanced machinery. Moreover, employees can focus on product development, boosting innovation.

Your employees will be happier to be at work and the operation will run smoother.

Reduced Human Error

Humans aren’t perfect creatures. We can become distracted or fatigued which can lead to mishaps in our work. The monotony of doing a single task can lead to mistakes as well. 

When you put machines into the equation, you reduce human error.

Machines are built to be precise and produce the same product every single time. There will be no variations when you use machines. This is especially true when it comes to computerized machines, like precision machinery. 

The machine will follow a set guideline and will perform the same action over and over again. 

Increased Safety 

Humans are much more fragile than machines, we cut and break far more easily. When someone is working in a factory and cutting a product there is a high chance of injury. This is especially true if the employee is cutting products for hours on end. 

If you install machines, you’ll reduce the number of workplace accidents. This, in turn, increases employee safety. 

Reduced Material Waste

As human error is reduced, that means there are no imperfect products. You won’t have to throw any products in the trash. 

Moreover, precision machinery can use the materials it’s given efficiently. It will use the materials in a way that reduces how much is wasted. 

Lower Costs

When you take into account everything we have listed above you can start to see why your costs would be lower. 

When you have machines creating your products you’ll need fewer employees. Having fewer employees will cut huge costs. Not only because you won’t have to hire more employees, but because you won’t have to train them as well. 

The machines will make it so fewer materials are wasted. This will lead to you saving money as you won’t have to buy even more materials. 

You won’t have to worry about as many employee injuries. These injuries can result in you paying worker’s compensation or dealing with lawsuits. Depending on how bad the injury was (or if it resulted in death) a lawsuit could destroy your company.

Moreover, you won’t have to hire a temporary employee to take the place of the person not working. This can be painful for your wallet if you have to pay the employee who is out of work plus the temporary employee. You’ll be paying two people for one person’s job. 

On top of that, precision machinery can reduce your energy costs (depending on what you create). You save on energy costs as you don’t have to spend as much time crafting the products.

If you manufacture larger components it can take a lot more energy to craft these items. For example, engineering organizations would fall into this category. This can include power plants, oil and gas industries, etc.   

Precision machinery is just one more step to making our lives easier and safe. Machines are doing all the hard labor for us, giving us more freedom to be creative to produce a better world.

It could be as simple as creating products that help everyday life. Yet, it could be more complicated items that aid in the adventures of exploring space. No matter what precision machinery is used for, it will make our world a brighter and happier place. Rantec relies heavily on this craft in manufacturing our antennas.

Reach out to us today if you have any further questions or concerns. 

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