Experience Chart

Over 50 Years of Antenna Experience Serving Military & Commercial Applications

Our expertise across antenna applications and platforms is in a class of its own. Contact us to find out how Rantec can help you acheive your project goals. Your business is our business.

Type of AntennaProgramApplicationPlatformBandCustomer
Airborne Radar Waveguide Slot ArraysJAS 39 GMAV PS-05/AAir-to-air, Air-to-surfaceGripenXSaab
GRIFO-LAir-to-air, Air-to-surfaceL-159XSelex
GRIFO-F, -PG, -BRAir-to-air, Air-to-surfaceF-5XSelex
Golden Dragon GD-53Air-to-air, Air-to-surfaceIDFXAIDC
Airborne Radar SEI Reflector AntennasJ-STARS SARSAR, Wide-area surveillanceE-8C/707XNorthrop
AN/APQ-170 Combat Talon IIAir-to-air CSC2, Ground MappingMC-130H HerculesKuSEI
AN/APQ-175(V) AWADSAir-to-air CSC2, Ground MappingMC-130H HerculesX/KaSEI
Missile Guidance Waveguide Slot ArrayPatriot GEMSeeker AntennaMissileCRaytheon
PAC-3Seeker AntennaMissileKaRaytheon
ESSMSeeker AntennaMissileXRaytheon
Missile Target Detection AntennasESSM SideTarget DetectionMissileRaytheon
ESSM Rear WaveTarget DetectionMissileRaytheon
Missile Integral RAP AntennasSM-2 Block IV AEGISSurface-to-airSM-2 MissileMultiRaytheon
SM-2 Tri-band AntennaSurface-to-airSM-3 MissileRaytheon
Synthetic Aperture Radar Waveguide Slot ArraysGeoSARGeographical MappingGulfstream IIXJPL/Calgis, Inc.
Reflector AntennasLMDS Subscriber AntennaPoint-to-multipointCommercialKaTerabeam
SCAMP Antenna & GimbalSatellite communicationMan packKaRockwell-Collins
Airborne Entertainment/Data SubsystemTailmount18" HS Data Link SATCOMCommercial/Military AircraftKuSNC, Sweden
Microwave AssemblyPhased array in-flight live videoCommercial AircraftKuBoeing
SkyRadio Phased ArrayIn-flight live radioB737, 757, 767, A320KuUSA Today
Satellite AntennasIridium® CrosslinkSatellite-to-satellite CrosslinkLEO Satellite ConstellationKCOM DEV
ASTRA, JCSATBeacon Tracking Antenna601, 602 HP, 702 SatelliteKuBoeing Satellite
GlistenSatelliteGEO SatelliteKaJPL Space Sciences
LEO & GLASTBroadband Data LinkSatelliteXGD Spectrum Astro
PIDDP (Venus)SatelliteGEO SatelliteJPL Space Sciences
Juno (Jupiter)SatelliteGEO SatelliteX, KuJPL Space Sciences
Ground Radar AntennasPrecision Approach Radar AZ/ELAirport Runway ControlGroundLSelex SI
Navigation AntennasTACAN Antenna SystemAir NavigationFixed stationsLVarious
Cassegrain Antenna Feed SubsystemsIntelsat, Inmarsat, Domsat, TTC&MSatellite Communication, Earth StationsReflector AntennasC, L, S, X, K, KuVarious
Airborne Data SubsystemsItalian UAVClassifiedUAVKuThales