Slot Arrays for Radar, Missile Guidance, Ground Mapping & Satellite Applications.

A leader in the antenna industry for over 50 years, the Rantec Microwave Antennas name has been synonymous with innovative design, high quality and high reliability. Rantec antennas are in use throughout the world for both military and commercial applications such as radar, missile guidance, navigation, satellite communications and space.

Antenna Applications

Low Earth Orbit Satellites

Also known as LEO's are in use by the Iridium mobile phone network providing cellular telephone connection regardless of your remote location due to the vast number of satellites in the orbital network. Telephone communications are relayed satellite to satellite (cross link) after uplink or prior to down link. Rantec Microwave Systems designed and built the cross link antennas for the original Iridium mobile telephone network. The flat plate slotted array is a Ku band antenna. The precision machining of very high frequency antenna slots is done in house. Rantec is capable of holding tolerances of .0005.

Airborne SATCOM

Rantec's reflector antenna is just one part of the Rantec satellite tracking system that both transmit and receives Ku band signals. Included with the system is an antenna control unit for satellite tracking, LNA, BUC and down converter. Stepper motors are used for driving the three axis of rotation. The system is flight qualified available in 11.5 inch reflector or 18 inch reflector for full internet connectivity and live video feeds. The system can be easily scaled for Ka application.

Ku-Band Transmit/Receive Antenna Subsystem

Rantec moves easily between reflector and flat plate antennas, letting the customer specifications dictate which approach is more suited for the customer's objectives. Rantec reflectors have been deployed in airborne applications for both directional transmit and receive data and used in large scale reflectors for precision approach radar systems.

New Ka-Band SATCOM Antenna

Rantec's experience and qualification in Ku SATCOM lead to the natural progression to Ka band. Please refer to our data sheet for more information.

Flat Plate Arrays

Rantec's storied history of flight proven flat plate arrays are generally low profile, highly efficient designs operating at very high frequencies. Most Rantec applications are full mil airborne. The antenna designs of very small but precise slots are precision machined parts that are than dip brazed. All the design and manufacturing work, including dip braze is done in house.

Doppler Radar X-Band Array Tail of Gulfstream IV

When NOAA needed an antenna for extreme weather tracking, Rantec was contacted. Mounted on the tail of a Gulfstream IV, the dual flat plate slotted arrays are used for weather surveillance in locating severe precipitation conditions sending and listening to radar pulses used to detect types and intensity of the precipitation.


Electronic scan antennas replaced mechanical TACAN antennas decades ago for the obvious reason of reduced power consumption and reduced wear and tear due to the elimination of moving parts. Rantec was the leader in the transition to all solid state circuitry, electronic modulation TACAN antennas with over 400 antennas deployed worldwide. 100,000 hours MTBF is not calculated, it is actual field data backed by a ten year warranty. The antenna has unmatched azimuth stability elevation pattern performance and coverage. The unit is in service by the US Military and FAA and ICAO certified.

Blade Antennas

Specifically designed to emit high power pulses, this broad band airborne antenna is flight proven, suitable for EW use. The antenna is designed for fuselage mounting without the need of a radome.

SM-2 Missile

Designed to meet the meet the most stringent environmental conditions, Rantec's history of microwave antennas include wrap around flush mount antennas for missile applications. Rantec is pleased to offer build to print services for any unique wrap around antenna requiring the skills of an experienced full mil antenna house.

Spiral Antennas

Rantec has developed a line of spiral antennas specifically designed for radar warning and surveillance systems.

These circularly polarized antennas can be produced singly or in phase/gain matched sets, depending on customer specifications. All antennas in the product line are designed to meet the environmental requirements of MIL-E-5400. BIT couplers are available as an option. Dual polarized spiral antennas are available as well.

Rantec welcomes inquiries regarding custom applications.


For many years Rantec built waveguide for our own antennas. We now include waveguide as part of our product offerings. Our waveguide experience includes space applications. In addition to rigid waveguide, Rantec offers flex waveguide too. VSWR testing can be done by Rantec before shipping so you have the confidence in knowing the waveguide is not impacting G/T or EIRP.