Space Qualified - Antenna Leader for Over 50 Years

Specializing in Microwave Antennas for Defense and Communication Worldwide

A leader in the antenna industry for over 50 years, the Rantec Microwave Antennas name has been synonymous with innovative design, high quality and high reliability. Rantec antennas are in use throughout the world for both military and commercial applications such as radar, missile guidance, navigation, satellite communications and space. Our personnel have the experience, skills and equipment necessary to design and manufacture products that can meet even the most stringent environmental requirements.

Rantec waveguide slot array (flatplate) antennas are widely used; From the PAC 3 Missile to space qualified slot arrays such as the cross link antennas for the Iridium Satellite, Rantec antennas are key components of our defense and communication systems covering 1-60 GHz.

Providing Excellence in Military and Commercial Antenna Products

Experts in Slot Array, Missile Guidance / Detection and Satellite Communication Antennas

Founded in 1957, Rantec Microwave Antennas designs, manufactures and markets antennas for military, commercial wireless, airborne and satellite applications. Rantec is a recognized leader in the industry of antennas from 1 to 60 GHz. We received the 2011 Supplier Excellence 4 Star Award from Raytheon Andover and 5 Star Supplier Excellence Award from Raytheon Tucson for 2012.

Our key focus

  • High performance antennas for defense and communications market.
  • Fast prototype development.
  • Customer support from low to high volume.
  • Developing partnerships with customers and suppliers worldwide.

Unique Combined Capability of In-House Precision Machining and Dip Brazing

Complete Production Capabilities / State-of-the-Art Machine Shops / AWS C3.7, Grade C Compliant Dip Brazing Services

Rantec maintains one of the most complete development and production facilities in the antenna industry, with in-house facilities for advanced fabrication and testing

Utilizing the experience and skills we have developed from the many years of manufacturing complex microwave antennas and components, Rantec provides contract aluminum dip brazing and manufacturing services . Our operations team is adept at performing build-to-print projects for customers requiring our specialized abilities and high quality workmanship.

Our manufacturing plant, located in Westlake Village, California, houses a full, state-of-the-art machine shop, dip braze/heat treating, electro-mechanical assembly and testing facilities. We have various RF indoor and outdoor test ranges, including a compact range with a 3-foot quiet zone, and other RF test capabilities. Rantec is extremely versatile in that we manufacture small, one- or two-piece orders, to large-scale production orders of 1000+ units.